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Is it worth it to to add CBD to my massage?

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One of the most talked about products of 2018, to the shock of many, was cannabinoid oil and its use in health and wellness products; so it wasn’t a far leap for us at Live Love Spa to explore utilizing the miracle pain-reliever in spa massages.

While there are now many CBD brands to choose from, we chose to experiment with a WELL CBD treatment because products contain 98.4% CBD and essential oils for aromatherapy. Founder Hannah Duncan told us, “Topical CBD Products calm IT down. Whatever IT is. It calms the pain without the medication. Whether it’s as simple as a headache or toothache, menstrual cramps, neuropathy, or arthritis – it JUST WORKS.”

More CBD facts here.

If I rub CBD oils and lotions on my entire body, will the effect be TOO much? What kind of body feeling can I expect? Will there be psychoactive effects with THAT MUCH product on my skin?

This product contains no THC so there is no psychoactive high, regardless of the amount used. The muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects were a perfect addition to the massage and actually extended the benefits of the stress relief for several more hours.


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All you restless sleepers, computer junkies who wear your shoulders like earrings, go get em athletes, juggling parents, and survivors of chronic pain – adding CBD products to your massage will extend the benefits of your treatment for deeper and longer lasting pain relief even after the service is over. For an average of $40 to add on, we think it’s worth the price.

You can find a WELL CBD treatment at spas like…

Pacific Waters Spa – Hyatt Huntington Beach
Laguna Cliffs Spa and Resort
The Edgewater Hotel and Spa
Gene Juarez Salon and Spa Bellevue Washington
Sego Lily Spas Utah
Midtown Athletic Club Chicago

*CBD can stimulate your seratonin and dopamine levels if ingested, a doctor should be consulted prior to ingesting if you are currently prescribed other medications.

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