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The latest power duo in facials : HydraFacial + Circadia

Boost your HydraFacial with one of two Circadia boosters.

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Hydration, Environmental Protection

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Target Fine Lines, Plump Wrinkles

I am on a forever quest for the most effective facial with no pain at the right price point. While this is a journey that will never end because it’s too fun, I have to highlight the one-two punch combo formed by mega brands HydraFacial and Circadia at the end of 2018. From express to treatment to full facial + take home skin care set will be between $150 – $350.

The Hydrafacial ,to put it simply, uses a patented medical grade wand that swirls water and serums at high speeds to sluff off dead skin and clean out pores, kind of like pressure washing dirt off your house but more fabulous. This is a shockingly painless process and for all you Dr. Pimple Popper fans out there, you’ll love seeing all your white and black heads floating around in the tank at the end of your service (ew, but yay!)

Have I made it obvious? The HydraFacial is an incredible, worth every penny, type of service on it’s own but now, you can add the Circadia booster! A booster is like adding kale to your green smoothie, increased nutritional value and health benefits.

“Circadia professional skincare brand is based on the skin and body’s natural circadian rhythms. Chronobiology, the science of defending skin from environmental damage during the day, and stimulating internal repair mechanisms during sleep, is at the core of [the] concept” – PR Newswire.

My current favs from Circadia

Choose Between:

Chrono-Peptide Booster : Target Fine Lines, Plump Wrinkles
ProTec Plus Booster : Hydration, Environmental Protection

After you’ve leveled up your facial experience, you can keep your skin clean and protected from smog, pollutants, and wear from daily stress with the Circadia Vital Defense System.

I experience a little bit of redness for about half an hour after the service and my skin will look almost wet and dewy for about an hour before it drinks up all the hydration from serums so you can definitely get this treatment before a glam event. Have fun with your skincare, friends!

With love & happiness,

Experience It!

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