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The Best Spa Sandals – Research You’ve Been Putting Off

Between the endless sea of to-dos and spa sandals that “work well enough”, who has time to research spa sandals to see if there is a better solution or a better match for your spa? We’ve done some initial research comparing 4 prominent lines so you can easily move the topic higher on the priority list.

From look to price to guest comfort to cleaning, the attached chart shows the top features of sandals from OkaB, yeahBaby, ReadyCare, and Universal Companies.

We chose slide spa sandal options since not all guests enjoy the feeling of something between their toes.  However, some of the featured brands have thong options so inquire with the vendor if that is your preference.

A few quick tips to help you analyze the chart for your spa:

Know what you are looking for.  Stylistically, how can the sandals reflect your brand?  Do you simply want a cost effective slip resistant option so the look and comfort are low on the priority list? Or do you want one that matches your spa’s decor and environment to add to the the guest experience? Is the cleaning process important based on your resources?

Know your current challenges.  Below are a few common challenges spas face.  Know what issue(s) you would love to solve so you can search for a sandal that will alleviate those issues.


Do you currently have a low cost option that wears quickly due to your traffic? I would recommend looking for one that is a single piece.  Multiple pieces lead to more things that could wear down and break. That is the last thing you want since safety is always a top priority.


Do your high end logo’d sandals tend to disappear (I mean who wouldn’t want a souvenir from your spa?)?  Perhaps look into a lower cost option that is less of an operational cost impact if they walk out the door.

Or look at your process for how guests return the sandals.  Do they just drop in baskets throughout the locker room? Maybe consider having them drop them off at your locker room front desk.  This way your staff can ask if they have their sandals and send them off with a fond farewell. Guests will be a little more accountable as they will be aware your staff will ask.

Cleaning Process

Does it take too long or too many staff hours to clean them?  Are you hand washing but could have access to a washing machine? Consider a sandal that can be thrown in a washing machine or dishwasher.

Or you can wash all the sandals at the end of the night instead of sanitizing them throughout the day. This method is much quicker. You will need to make sure you have inventory to cover the number of guests in a day. Set up a station to clean them in mass and allow them to air dry overnight so they’re ready for the next morning!


Do your current sandals not retail well?  Or do you not retail your sandals at all? Consider finding a vendor with the customization that makes your guests want to buy them.  Offer fun colors with your logo enticing guests to buy. In my experience when guests can purchase fun colors or logo’d ones, your inventory of locker room sandals does not diminish as fast.  Plus, guests walking around in your logo’d sandals is free advertising!

Was this information helpful?  Do you have a favorite spa sandal?  We want to hear from you. Add your comments below.

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