Wellness Minded Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My mom would tell you that every day is the perfect day to celebrate how amazing she is but Mother’s Day is when I would get in trouble for not giving her love and attention.

The obvious is treating her to a mother-daughter/son spa day (while we could give you a list of recommendations, it’s highly personal and based on your location) so instead, we are going to guide you through wellness minded gifts.

These gifts express your care about mom’s wellness because she spends so much of her time thinking about yours!

(Love you Mom!)

Sporty Mom

Whatever it is, she’s two steps ahead cause her mind never stops. She manages to not only take care of everyone else in the family, but she tries to get to the gym too. These gifts show that you care about her taking the time to prioritize herself sometimes. Happy mom, happy everyone else!

Post Workout Cardigan

There’s no need to leave class looking less than fierce and fabulous. A simple cardigan is easy to stuff into the gym bag and throw on after a workout. The beyond yoga line has a few to pick from (yoga wear, also a great gift idea!) but I really like the way the “Brushed Up Origami Cardigan” falls. $132


Gym Bag Essentials

Little items that can bring a bit of spa to the gym and make her feel fresh. We love the Bonblissity Scrubs that transform from exfoliant to lotion with water or an assortment of Savvy Traveler wipes (deodorant, teeth cleaner, makeup removal, anti-bacterial personal wipes, and more – found on amazon/walgreens). $20


Gemstone Waterbottle

Our top pick is the “Forever Young” water bottle from VitaJuwel. The crystals are meant to bring love, harmony, connection, and self-acceptance through the elixir of life, water! This bottle is dishwasher safe and she can buy alternate crystals separately if she ever wants to change it up! $120

LO YHMASD Tote Product Image

Cheeky Tote

A tote that will make her smile & think of you when she uses it. This You Had Me At Spa Day “go” bag fits all the items she needs before she runs out the door. It’s a gym bag, a toiletry bag, or an everything but the kitchen sink bag! 

From the new Lucky Owl Collection, this 12 oz. tote is made of sturdy canvas to last.  

Also available:  T-shirt and coffee mug , $16

Marilyn Momroe

She’s the kind of mom that all your friends want to hang out with. She’s social and likes the finer things in life. She isn’t afraid to tell you her opinion because, well, she’s right – as always. Here are gifts to show that forcing her sage wisdom upon you has granted her some spoiling, after all – she’s the queen.

Sparkly Makeup Bag / Clutch

There’s no Mom like your Mom and her bag should be as unique as she is. Get her a vinyl glitter bag to hold beauty supplies, on the go items, etc. You can customize it with her name and she’s sure to get noticed for all the fabulosity that she is. The “Mom” tote really outshines the “world’s best mom mug” – just sayin. $22


Lux Soaps

Settle for no less than luxury soaps from around the world to nourish and cleanse the skin of the most important woman in your life. She put up with you right? She deserves it.

“Each soap unveils a unique essence for a captivating voyage to the most wonderful Beauty Rituals of the World®” – Cinq Mondes. $50


Charmeuse Pillow Case

Ah, the pillow designed for real “beauty” sleep. It is proven to prevent wrinkles, boost skin hydration, reduce hair loss & tangles, and add volume and shine. She can rest easy, comfortable, and beautiful.

Available in eleven colors by Branche Beauty, $95

Nurturing Mom

You’ve called her freaking out and she knows just what to say. You want her to come over when you’re sick cause nobody shows care the way she does. Your friends also call her mom and she thinks of them as her other kids (don’t worry, she loves them less than you). These gifts are for when the one who keeps everyone sane, needs a little sanity herself.


Chocolate is always a great gift but this particular chocolate is a little different. Wei of Chocolate is “good for the body, mind + spirit” because you aren’t supposed to chew it! In an effort to help with meditation, close your eyes, and focus on savoring the melting deliciousness.

It’s Organic, Fair trade, Vegan, GMO free, Dairy free, Gluten free and Soy free so she can feel great about indulging in it.

8pc tube, 9 flavors/collections to choose from. $12

Infinity Necklace

To quote Buzz Lightyear, You’ll love her “to infinity and beyond”. This necklace is a reminder of your love and appreciation for her support and encouragement throughout your life.

Also, this necklace was:

  • Handcrafted by young women escaping human trafficking
  • 100% of proceeds go to International Sanctuary
  • 18″ long
  • Available in Gold & Silver Tone

By Purpose Jewelry, $30


Lava Rock Bracelet & Essential Oil

Jewelry with extra purpose and intention.  Mom can find her peace by enjoying essential oil benefits all day and trend set at the same time.

“Handcrafted with semi-precious gemstones + black lava rock. Each bracelet is paired with an essential oil blend from Body Bliss, which can be applied directly to the lava rock to release aromatherapy scents for up to 24 hours.”

By Mala & Mantra + Body Bliss Essential Oils, $72

Boss Mom

Your mom is as savvy as they come. She has a mind for business that has driven her to take the reins and be the boss. Her email notifications ping on multiple devices and you have to schedule bonding time into her busy schedule via calendar request. These gifts recognize her boardroom skills and her need to slow it down sometimes.
intraceuticals travel pack

Travel Sized Skincare Set 

She’s on the go, that doesn’t mean skincare has to suffer. Get travel sized versions of her favorite line. We love the Intraceuticals pack because it works well with any changes in humidity by layering varying weights of hyaluronic acid – her skin will absorb what it needs to be hydrated. $149


CBD BodyCare

CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient that helps relieve muscle and joint pain when applied topically. Hours on hours of laptop use has cramped her shoulders and she’s wearing them like earrings – let’s help her out. We recommend WELL CBD Salve, $46


Amazing Sheets

She works hard and deserves heavenly sheets to unwind. Comphy sheets were originally for spa treatments and customers loved them so much, they developed a home line. 110% Live Love Spa approved (our whole team has them!)

(pro – tip: Comphy also makes robes out of the sheet material)

Queen Set, $146

I hope this wellness-minded gift guide helped you decide what to get for Mom this year. If you have other ideas, please share them with the community in the comments!

With love,


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