5 Ways to Romance Through Wellness : Date Ideas for Healthy Couples

1. Spa Day : The Tried, True, & Spawesome

At Live Love Spa, we are obviously firm believers in the positive effects of a spa day. Do a couples massage, visit a spa that has gardens or co-ed pool, drink tea, and take a few hours to show love to yourselves and to each other.

Korean Spa

Korean spas have a “wet” side that is gender separated because you’ll be naked but typically have lots of rooms that are co-ed as well. Relax, have lunch, and spend time lounging around in rooms of different temperatures.

Resort Spa

Ball out for your boo at a fancy resort spa. The one pictured here is Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, they have an incredible Balinese massage, whirlpool soak, and champagne package. Most resort spas will have an option for two so just call and ask!

Sanctuary Spa

A sanctuary style spa will have spa treatments, grounds to roam, and often food or classes as well. You can make a day out of going to a spa like this. We love Four Moons in San Diego and Osmosis Spa in Sonoma!

2. Home Spa

Health and happiness starts in the home. I’ve personally found that creating a space where you can have wellness dates even when short on time, energy, and funds is incredibly important to the longevity of any healthy relationship.

Home Spa Kit:

Spa quality products for facials + massages at home!

Cook a Healthy Meal Together:

Our friend Krystal Champion wrote Kitchen Wellness, a book on healthy meals and the ingredients  double as spa treatments so you can make any of these recipes a super fun activity. Cooking can be (and should be) an active and creative partnership instead of a chore.

3. Get Out, Get Fit.

Break the mold of your normal routine and engage in a fitness activity together. There are tons of blogs that will give you ideas for “fit couples” but what is missing for me is the intention behind the activity.

Why is this fitness experience made better by your partner being there? Are you trying something new you normally wouldn’t? Are you working towards a goal together, like a marathon? Do you want a common hobby? Before you force your partner to try yoga, think about your intention.  

Hike + Meaningful Romance Exercise:

Find a beautiful trail and a spot to lay down a blanket and talk in nature for awhile. Check in, what do you love about each other? What are some adjectives you’d use to describe your relationship to others? What are some silly moments that made you think, “haha that’s why i love them!”?


Rent or buy a telescope and identify stars. Talk about your astrological signs (whether you find any validity to it or not rarely has any effect on how fun it is to discuss). Commemorate the date with cosmos inspired accessories! 

Yoga Together

Many studios have “bring a friend” discount passes so be sure to check online or call first. Yoga has the power to tune you in to your own thoughts and body. That sort of consciousness can only help in how you communicate your needs to one another.

4. Create Community Together

Make the world a better place together. Activism, volunteer work, and engagement in local commerce feels amazing and will be far more fulfilling to the soul than any Netflix binge.

Shop Local:

Support local artisans and farmers by shopping small. Most of these items will have a better story and you’ll cherish them more than their mass produced counterparts.  

Join an existing project like:

  • Community Garden
  • Recycled Materials Turned into Art
  • Volunteer at a Women’s Center
  • Volunteer at a Shelter
  • Volunteer for a Local Music Festival

What are you passionate about? Start there and see how you can make that part of your community thrive!

5. Get Educated

Learning new skills together will allow you to learn how your partner’s brain works in a whole new way. Hopefully, you can take these skills into the future and plan even more fun dates!

Take a Class Together:

There are so many classes out there, and so many happen at a reasonable hour so if you have kids, you don’t have to pay for a sitter to stay late. Try sailing, handmade noodle making, DJing, sushi rolling, painting, paddleboarding – tell us what classes you’ve tried in the comments 🙂 

Take a Quiz:

Try Meyer Briggs, Love Language, or the Fascinator quizzes. They typically take 30 min to an hour. It’s an easy thing to do once the kids are asleep or on a bored night in. Then, have fun discussing what you learned about yourselves and each other!

What other ideas do you have for combining wellness and romance? What are some healthy practices for you and your partner? Share your tips with the community in the comments below!

-In Love and Light,


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