Vendor Partner FAQ’s

It is so exciting to have you at a Live Love Spa regional experiential event! You’ll find that exhibiting at our event is a very simple experience and our team will take great care of you. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

General Information
Gold Level Sponsors (Providing Treatments)
Day of Event
Tear Down
Post Event


Who attends Live Love Spa events?
Spa Owners, Directors, Managers, Lead Aestheticians, Lead Massage Therapists, Retail Managers, Consultants and Corporate Managers responsible for or directly influencing decision makers for the product purchases in their spa. Two decision makers/influencers per property are invited (some exceptions may apply.)

How many people attend a Live Love Spa Event?
Our goal is to bring you a minimum of 40 unique properties and 80 attendees. We have been successfully executing events for over five years and most events garner more than the minimum attendees, reaching upwards of 120 in some major markets.

Where do we pull attendees from?
Our regional event draws from the surrounding area, mostly within a two hour drive or one hour flight.

How many vendor partners are at each event?
We accept no more than 28 vendor partners and provide a curated experience with brands across numerous categories such as skincare, body care, retail items, software, implements, supplies and more.

What are the requirements for spa attendees be invited to an event?
Attendee Qualifications: Must represent a brick and mortar spa with minimum 3 or more treatment rooms, offering skincare, body care and retail. Some exceptions may apply.

How are spa attendees able to register for this event?
This is an invitation only event. A brand may submit for one of their qualified spas to attend OR a spa can submit an application to request an invitation.

Is there a cost to attend a Live Love Spa event?
There is a $99 registration fee. Vendor partners and Live Love Spa may provide a VIP invitation to select qualified partners via a registration code that waives the $99 registration fee.

Can I invite my current customers to a Live Love Spa event?
Of course! We welcome your qualified spa partners to the event. Just let us know and we will send out a VIP invitation on your behalf plus waive the $99 registration fee.

I’m prospecting some clients and would love for them to come to the event! Can I get them invited?
We would love to assist in getting prospective qualified attendees to the event. Please feel free to provide us with who you may like to invite and we will reach out, and send a VIP invitation on your behalf. We’re committed to connecting you with the best attendees within the region.

How do I showcase my brand and products?
Each vendor will be provided a 4’ x 2.5’ table with neutral color tablecloth on risers. There may be opportunity for shelving at select locations. Gold Level sponsors have first access to shelving. If this is of interest to you, please let our events manager know in advance.

Tip: Ensure attendees can understand your brand story right when they come to your table! Utilize table signage, risers for height and décor such as flowers if you feel it would enhance your message.

Can I utilize my own shelving unit or clothes rack instead of a table?
You may utilize a shelving unit or clothing rack as long as it fits within the 4’ x 2.5’ space requirements. Please let the events team know in advance if you will be bringing an alternate setup.

What if I need an electrical outlet for my table?
All requests for electrical must be requested in advance during your registration. Only advance requests can be accommodated.

Can I bring a banner for my table?
If you would like to bring a banner, please expect to display it behind your table as there may not be space next to your table. Also, let the events manager know if you are bringing a banner.

How do I ensure that attendees visit my table?
Live Love Spa has implemented a highly successful Passport Program. Each attendee is provided with a passport listing vendor names. Attendees are highly incentivized to meet with each vendor and receive a signature. We provide each attendee with a gift (ex. Necklace) if they complete their passport in its entirety and return it at the end of their session. Each passport goes into a drawing and one person from that event will win a trip to one of our destination events (ex. Mexico or Hawaii.) Although we cannot force everyone to visit every vendor, this system is highly successful in motivating attendees to stop by each table.

GOLD LEVEL SPONSORS (Providing Treatments)

How many attendees will Gold Sponsors perform treatments on?
Gold Level sponsors can expect to provide at minimum 14 treatment demonstrations over the two days.

What does my treatment schedule look like?
Treatments are pre-scheduled by our events team. You will receive your itinerary at Sunday Night Set-Up. Each treatment is 30 minutes with 15 minutes in between for turnover. Lunch is also pre-scheduled for therapists.

What will be provided for me in my treatment room?
Linens, towels, hot towel cabby and massage bed. Please plan to bring your own implements or supplies to provide your treatment such as mixing bowls, fan brushes, steamers, products, etc.

Can I decorate my treatment room?
Yes, please feel free to decorate your treatment room as you will have the same room for both days.

When will I know which treatment room will be mine?
During Sunday night setup, there will be a treatment providers meeting. Rooms will be assigned and more information will be provided on how/where to drop linens/towels, etc.

If there is an attendee that I really want to receive my treatment, can I request them?
Yes, we are here for you and strive to facilitate closer connections. Please let us know at least a week in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.

During an event, if someone is very interested in our brand, can we squeeze them into our treatment schedule if they are not already on it?
Our team will always do our best to accommodate any requests. Please contact our events manager during the event to make any special requests.


Do I need to register for the event? I already paid my sponsorship fees.
Each vendor partner must register their representatives attending the event. Registrations must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the event. Vendor registration links are sent out 90 days prior to the event. You may also find the registration link on our website under the vendor section of each event.

How many people can I register for the event?
One representative for Silver Level and two representatives for Gold Level (providing treatments.)

Do I make my own air and hotel arrangements, if applicable?
In select cities, Live Love Spa may secure a special room rate. You are responsible for your own air and hotel arrangements. Find information on the best airport to fly into or hotel room blocks (if applicable) in the vendor packet and on the appropriate regional event landing page on

How do I label my shipped boxes:
Please ship your boxes according to directions in the vendor packet and by specified date. We will provide you with a label to affix to outside of the box.

Can I ship a pallet?
If you have a pallet to ship, let our events team know and we will advise if there is a loading dock or any specific instructions. Please make sure to have your tracking numbers handy and strongly encourage your company to track your packages ahead of time to ensure arrival as setup is on Sunday and it’s hard to track them down on Sunday night.

Can I provide gifts to attendees?
Yes, you do have the ability to gift to attendees. We recommend estimating 100 gifts to be safe but our events team will let you know approximately one week before the event if our attendance is trending higher.

Is it required to give a gift to attendees?
No, it is not required but most vendor partners chose to. You may provide samples, full size or gift, according to interest level.


When can I setup for the event?
Setup is always on a Sunday evening and is mandatory. Times vary due to spa venue parameters and timeframes will be provided on our vendor itinerary.

How much time do I have to setup my space?
Setup is approximately 2 hours. If you would like a little extra time to put on finishing touches, the events team will be there early on Monday morning and can arrange for you to come in early if needed.

Is there storage available?
Yes, you will have space under your table and we also have a designated room for large boxes.


What time do I need to set up and ready to greet prospective attendees?
Attendees come in starting on Monday at 9am. We recommend being set up and ready to go by 8:45am.

Will I get a list of attendees?
For your convenience, you will receive a list of attendees to make notes on during the event.

Do I need business cards?
This is optional, as most attendees will be in robes and will not have cards on their person.

Do you provide vendor partners with contact information for attendees?
Don’t worry, we provide you with contact information for each attendee electronically on the Wednesday morning immediately following the event. The Excel spreadsheet includes Name, Title, Property, Address, Email, Phone, Classification and # of Treatment Rooms.

Do you have any tips for getting attendees’ attention?
The best way to get attendees’ attention is to make it about them! Find out if they have heard about your brand or looking for your type of product. Take the first few seconds to assess this. Have a brief and concise pitch about your brand (no more than 3 minutes) and then gauge of interest level. If they are interested in learning more feel free to expand. If there is a high level of interest, request a call or meeting to engage them further after the event. The most common feedback from attendees is of some brands just “going on and on.”

Some attendees are asking if I’m on LIVELOVESPA365, what does that mean?
LIVELOVESPA365 is an online platform where brands can connect to spa buyers and be able to contact users, showcase products and generate orders. This is a great place to stay connected to spa buyers you meet at events and meet buyers from other events. Our database is home to over 7,000 spa properties. Please find additional information on LIVELOVESPA365 at

How does the event flow go each day?
There are two sessions each day with check-ins at 9am and 12pm. Expect 20+ unique attendees during each session. The session timeframes are 9am – 3pm and 12pm – 6pm. There should be a slow and easy pace which provides you the ability to chat with each client. There may be some lag while attendees are in treatments. Please feel free to answer emails and get to know other vendor partners during any down time.

I need coffee in the morning! Would you be providing that?
Yes, we will have coffee during the morning each day.

Will you have lunch available?
Yes, we will have lunch available. We recommend taking your lunch either at 11:30am or 1pm (before and after 2nd session has eaten) to avoid any crowds.

If I only have one person at my table, would it be ok to leave my table for lunch?
That should be fine. Because of our passport system, the attendees will come back around and find you as vendor partners stagger their lunch times.

What is the Monday night networking mixer?
On Monday evening, immediately following the event, we have arranged an informal after-event to mix and mingle with other vendors and attendees in a fun, relaxed setting. It includes heavy appetizers or buffet with a glass of wine/beer. For vendor partners, this is included in your event registration. Additional representatives may be registered at $50 per person. (Must be registered in advance and depends on availability.) Location to be provided on website prior to event and a reminder provided during event.

Are the attendees the same on Tuesday as on Monday?
No, there is a whole new set of attendees that come in on Tuesday. We essentially do it all over again on Tuesday.


How does Tear Down work?
On Tuesday, our event team will guide you through tear down instructions. After 6pm and after the last attendee has checked out, we will provide a signal to begin tear down.

What do I do with my trash and boxes I don’t need anymore?
Please break down any boxes completely flat (failure to do so will result in a fine.) Trash must be put in bags and collection areas will be designated.

Do I need to bring my own shipping labels?
Yes, pre-print and bring all return shipping labels with you to the event.

Where do I place boxes to be shipped?
There will be signage for areas to place boxes for UPS and FedEx. Live Love Spa will schedule pickup for these boxes on Wednesday morning. *Please arrange for any pallet pickups on Wednesday morning as well.


What happens after the event?
First of all, we will miss you and hope you traveled back home safely. You will receive an electronic final attendee list upon the completion of an emailed survey on the Wednesday morning after the event.